School Classification
    Public School
  • A1
    A school under administrative control of a principal or head teacher and eligible to establish a school-based decision making council. An A1 school is not a program operated by, or as a part of, another school.
    Public Program
  • A2
    District-operated, career and technical education center (CTC), where the membership is counted in an A1 school.
  • A3
    District-operated, special education program (all enrollments should be special education).
  • A4
    District-operated, state-funded preschool program (includes blended preschool/Head Start).
  • A5
    District-operated alternative program with no definable attendance boundaries designed to remediate academic performance, improve behavior or provide an enhanced learning experience.
  • A6
    KECSAC funded program serving state agency children.
  • A7
    Miscellaneous schools set up for tracking of Home/Hospital or Summer School, membership is included in the A1 School.
    Non-Public Program/School
  • B1
    Laboratory or training school operated by college or university.
  • B2
    Dual enrollment postsecondary or college-level course program operated by a college or university.
  • C1
    College or university operated career and technical education schools.
  • C2
    State operated career and technical education area centers (ATC).
  • D1
    State Department of Education operated schools (blind & deaf).
  • F1
    Federal Dependent Schools (Ft. Knox & Ft. Campbell).
  • F2
    Federally funded Job Corp.
  • F3
    Federally funded stand-alone Head Start.
  • J1
    Roman Catholic operated non-public schools/programs.
  • M1
    Other religious operated non-public schools/programs.
  • M2
    Seventh Day Adventist operated non-public schools/programs.
  • R1
    Secular non-public schools/programs.