School Classification
    Public School
  • A1
    A school under administrative control of a principal or head teacher and eligible to establish a school-based decision making council. An A1 school is not a program operated by, or as a part of, another school.
    Public Program
  • A2
    District-operated, career and technical education center (CTC), where the membership is counted in an A1 school.
  • A3
    District-operated, special education program (all enrollments should be special education).
  • A4
    District-operated, state-funded preschool program (includes blended preschool/Head Start).
  • A5
    District-operated alternative education program with no definable attendance boundaries designed to remediate academic performance, improve behavior, or provide an enhanced learning experience. This designation should only be used for offsite alternative education programs.
  • A6
    KECSAC funded program serving state agency children.
  • A7
    Miscellaneous schools set up for tracking of Home/Hospital or Summer School, membership is included in the A1 School.
  • A8
    District operated – full-time enrolled online virtual and remote learning program.
    Non-Public Program/School
  • B1
    Laboratory or training school operated by college or university.
  • B2
    Dual enrollment postsecondary or college-level course program operated by a college or university.
  • C1
    College or university operated career and technical education schools.
  • C2
    State operated career and technical education area centers (ATC).
  • D1
    State Department of Education operated schools (blind & deaf).
  • F1
    Federal Dependent Schools (Ft. Knox & Ft. Campbell).
  • F2
    Federally funded Job Corp.
  • F3
    Federally funded stand-alone Head Start.
  • J1
    Roman Catholic operated non-public schools/programs.
  • M1
    Other religious operated non-public schools/programs.
  • M2
    Seventh Day Adventist operated non-public schools/programs.
  • R1
    Secular non-public schools/programs.