School Report Card Archive 2006-2011
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Printing Hints

The Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files for years prior to 2007-2008 are designed for printing on one sheet of 11" X 17" paper, front and back, and folded in the middle to produce a four-page, 8 ½" by 11" document. Most copy shops or professional printing companies can print high-quality, color replicas directly from this Web archive or from a copy you provide them on a floppy disk. If your PC or network printer won't print on 11" X 17" paper, your best bet is to print a Word or HTML version on letter size paper, or to print a reduced-size copy of the PDF.

You can print the Report Card from your web browser, but some information may be cut off on the margins. For better results, use your browser's Page Setup function to set the left and right margins as narrow as possible, or use the Print function to switch to landscape mode.

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Questions about report cards? Visit the School Report Card Home or e-mail Office of Assessment and Accountability.