Data Sets

Datasets are available to assist with analyzing school, district, regional and state data from the School Report Card. Files are posted by year and aligned with the tabs in the School Report Card. Each file contains short-name descriptions to identify data included in the file; consistent identifiers are used to assist with matching datasets. The glossary tab can be used to look up definitions for individual data fields or there is a download option for the entire glossary.
Profile Accountability Program Review Assessment Learning Environment Finance Delivery Targets Career and Technical Education
School/District Details Accountability Profile Program Review Data KPREP
Level Grade
Students/Teachers Financial Data Proficiency/Gap Career Pathways
Accountability Summary KPREP End-of-Course Safety CCR Perkins
Summary Level Grade
ACT Teaching Methods Graduation Rate (Cohort) CTE Specific College and Career Readiness
Summary Level
PLAN Programs Program Review
Middle School High School
Graduation Rate Cohort KSCREEN
Federal Data
Attendance Participation Rate
Advanced Placement