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Organization Information The Mission of the Nicholas County School District is to provide the essential educational foundation that will produce self-directed, life-long learners who will be able to meet challenges, make decisions, and function effectively in a complex and ever-changing society. The Nicholas County School System is committed to providing the best education for all students. We believe that all students can learn. Our staff continually seeks ways to improve our schools. The Nicholas County School System is composed of the Nicholas County Elementary School (Grades Pre K-6), Nicholas County High School (Grades 7-12), and a Family Resource/Youth Service Center. All schools, offices, bus facilities, athletic facilities, labs, and mobile units are located on one campus.
Organization Website
Organization Address 395 West Main Street
Carlisle, KY 40311

Job Details

Vacancy ID 20222023 - 09091
Position Category High School Classroom Instructor
Title High School Spanish Teacher
Description Spanish teacher in a small, rural high school.
Comments None
Start Date 08/03/2023
Posted Date 05/10/2023
Vacancy Type Part-Time
Grade Level 9-12 High School
Organization Nicholas County
Sub Organization(s) Nicholas County High School
Subject Area(s) Spanish
Contact(s) Kevin Miller
(859) 289-3770