Effective Instructional Leadership Act (EILA)

The Effective Instructional Leadership Act defines an “instructional leader” as person(s) in positions for which the Education Professional Standards Board requires administrative certification. These individuals are subject to the requirements identified within KRS 156.101, the Effective Instructional Leadership Act (EILA) frequently referred to as the “EILA law.”

Conferences do not require, and do not receive, an EILA number.  704 KAR 3:325 (Sec. 3(2a))  allows districts to award up to six hours of EILA credit to instructional leaders, each school year, for educational conferences. 

EILA providers: To better support Kentucky educators, please consider posting statewide professional learning opportunities on the Professional Learning Bulletin Board! Use the link to access the application. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Pamela Wininger at 502-564-2106 or pamela.wininger@education.ky.gov.

For additional information,please go to https://education.ky.gov/teachers/PD/Pages/EILA.aspx
EILA Provider Proposal Application Form

Proposals must be submitted at least thirty(30) days prior to the first scheduled program to be reviewed for approval.
Proposals submitted after the professional learning session has occurred will not be reviewed.
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