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To begin the process of the requesting data from the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), please know the following:
1.  All requests begin with this form.
2.  The KDE Data Policy Committee is notified and given opportunity to review all requests.
3.  Additional information may be required to fulfill approved requests.
4.  A Memorandum of Understanding will be required for disclosure of personally identifiable (PII) student data.
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Date of request:   

* Organization or Eligible Entity Name:

* Primary Contact Name * Email * Phone Job Title

Secondary Contact Name Email Phone Job Title

Data is requested to perform:
If data is requested for KDE internal use, should data be suppressed? Yes No

Name of KDE associate commissioner who is sponsoring data request.

Which KDE Strategic Priority will be supported by the results of this request? For information about the KDE Strategic Plan, click here. characters left

Purpose, Scope and Duration Use of data received under this MOU is limited to purpose and scope defined.

* Completely describe the purpose and scope of the study, audit/ evaluation, or other.
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* Please describe how the results will be used.
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 Duration of Study, audit/evaluation, or other:

* Start Date: * End Date:

Date Data is Needed:   

Data Being Requested

* Provide specific data elements that are needed to complete study, audit/evaluation or other.
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* Years Included in Study, Audit/Evaluation or Other:

If needed, Select other above and list future school years or describe other requirements for the period for which data is requested.

* Level of Detail / Aggregation:
If requesting personally identifiable information (PII), select Student option. For aggregate level, select School, District or State.

Use the "Browse/Choose File" button below to locate the file you wish to upload.

After clicking the "Browse/Choose File" button:

   1. Select the file on your computer.
   2. Click on Open button or double-click the file name.
   3. Click on the "Submit" button when you done.

** Do not attempt to upload files larger than 5 MB in size. The system will not accept them.
** Only Word,Excel and PDF file types are accepted and can be uploaded.

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